There's more to a 'link in bio' than you may think

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You’ve probably noticed people and brands alike using “link in bio” tools to create mini-websites full of videos, websites, blogs, fundraisers and more, right in their social media profiles. It might look like a lot of work – but the reality is, a link in bio tool can help you get your own mini-website sorted in seconds. Seriously! Let’s get up to speed on why you need a better link in your bio.

What is a link in bio tool?

Most major social profiles on platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok only let you add one link. This can get frustrating when, like everyone, you have way more than one thing to share. A link in bio tool is a single, clickable URL that you can share across the web. You can keep everything about you on it, and the link stays the same. Every single social profile you have. Every blog piece, Youtube video or website link you want to share. Even a fundraiser, an online shop or your contact details!

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Why do I need a link in bio tool?

Right now, every time you’ve got something new to share, you have to go to every single one of your channels to change the link in each of your bios. It’s time-consuming and complicated – making it so much harder to keep everything up-to-date. A link in bio tool means you never have to compromise, or remove one link from your bio so you can add another. You can keep everything you want to share online in one link. When you’ve got a change, you only ever have to make it once.

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Enough about me. What can a bio link tool do for my audiences on social media?

As well as growing your audience, increasing your follower count and getting you more engagement, using a link in bio tool creates a better, easier, discovery-driven experience for your social visitors. By showing them everywhere you are on the internet and letting them decide where they want to go, they can engage with you in the way that feels most impactful for them – and you can learn what works and what doesn’t for your audiences. To create a more engaging link in bio experience, you should consolidate your content from across mediums into one browseable format where people can listen to podcasts, watch videos, stream music and more – all without leaving your social profile. With the help of a link in bio tool, it’s easier than ever to make that happen for your audiences.

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Can a bio tool like this help me monetize (a.k.a make more money from my followers)?

The short answer? Yes! Using a link in bio tool can help convert your visitors into customers. It does this by removing multiple roadblocks between your social media and your online stores. In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, this is pivotal. You can use a link in bio tool to promote a current sale or an upcoming discount, hype up a product launch or just highlight your best-selling products in multiple stores. It’s all about creating the easiest possible path to engage, and that’s exactly what a link in bio tool does for you. Not every link in bio tool lets you to take payments or display online shopfronts right in your link in bio. If your goal is monetizing your social audiences on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, it’s well worth your while finding one that does.

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A link in bio tool can even replace a website

Websites are a huge commitment, require skills to put together, and take a lot of maintenance. Because of this, link in bio tools are becoming a more and more popular option for people who want a simpler, more agile, time-saving solution. For some, it even replaces the need for a site altogether: bringing all of the benefits of a website without the hassle and time commitment.

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